Presenting at the AVRN June Meeting

Well time to get out there and start pimping the game and generating interest in what we here at Savage Cabbage are doing.  Tomorrow night I will be doing a little presentation on how we got to where we are in the development of The Drowning Dungeons, design decisions which were made, short cuts that were taken and then backed out of, bold ideas that were captured, implemented and ultimately put back in the ideas box for later.

I am by no means a good presenter, so it shall be a fun experience in being uncomfortable and hopefully I won’t be too uncomfortable and botch everything up.

Spoilers (most of this can be found elsewhere):

  • We made alot of mistakes moving to the GearVR (like just building the original VRJam version for the Samsung).
  • Reduce your particle effects, they really can kill the framerate
  • Batch everything you can, and then find a way to batch some more
  • Jumping seems to make people feel sick
  • Enjoy the process, we’re getting to play with Virtual Reality, that is pretty fricken cool!
  • Profile profile profile.
  • you have invited the players into your world, let them explore it how they want to. (within the bounds of the game mechanics)
  • Baked Lighting and light probes, use them especially for mobile.
  • Skinned meshes, avoid them if you can.

There are lots of things we can learn, and we at savage cabbage intend to keep learning ways to make our VR titles more entertaining and accessible.  The Drowning Dungeons is our first foray into VR gaming, it won’t be our last, and we hope that when it gets released, you will have a chance to enjoy it.

I finish my presentation with a something that came to mind,

Remember: It’s never finished, it’s just ready for release.  This was a reminder to myself as well as everyone else, that it is better to release an enjoyable experience for players that doesn’t meet all your expectations, than it is to never release the perfect game that never eventuates.

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