It’s alive

So here it is, The Drowning Dungeons home page, welcome to what will become the place to find out information about the game.  Since the game has already been in development for a reasonable amount of time, lets kick it off by talking about what the game aims to be.  The Drowning Dungeons aims to be a psychological journey through fear, face the fear of drowning, the fear of heights or falling, claustrophobia and fear of the unknown.  Along the journey through the game world, there will be puzzles and traps to slow or stop your progress. Remember to stop, slow it down a little and think about the situation.  a heads up, there will be no breath meter to tell you when you have exhausted your breath.

We’ve teamed up with Daisy Ale Soundworks to ensure a rich and terrifying soundscape to pull you deeper into the dungeons.

The release date has bounced around a bit, and are currently aiming for the end of June, however that is subject to change, we want to release a game we are happy with.

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